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A typical day at RENAISSANCE



We organise activities to promote British Values....

Within our nursery, we celebrate special days such as:

Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Halloween, Bonfire night, Chinese New Year, Islamic New Year and we will have focus topic such as Ramadan (during the fasting period), Caribbean carnival (during the carnival festivities), Christmas (at the end of the year), Africa week, Asian week, Language week (each child with the help of their parents, will have the choice to learn some words in their language of choice),


We also have the following focus themes:

Photography week (children will bring a picture of their choice and talk to other children about it), Teddy bear picnic day (children will bring their favourite teddy at nursery for a picnic), Mini beasts week (children will be taken out to a park to look for different mini beasts), Sport week (children and parents will be encouraged to take part in sport activities to raise money for charity), Swimming week (children will be taken swimming in small groups during this week), Multicultural week, Green week (children will have the opportunity to grow their own fruits/vegetables and or visit a garden centre), Occupations week, Dinosaurs week, Planets week and lots more.


We offer a safe and clean environment for children to play and learn (no shoes policy in the playrooms)


Materials used during play:

At our nurseries, we have a vast range of toys and play materials for children to use during play.

All our toys, equipment and materials are appropriate for their purpose and are well maintained.

They include: Water, sand, paint/colours, music, books, pictures/images, clay, dough, natural wood/leaves/flowers, sea shells, gravel/stones, costumes, TV/movies (limited), computers (limited), electronic games such as Ipad and Wii (limited), traditional/ multicultural toys, clothes, rugs, bricks, puzzles, bikes/scooters, swings, slides, real food, plants, boxes, cardboard, reclycled junk, mud, paper, pots/pans, flour,  etc.…


Activities are planned weekly and revised daily depending on the children’s age, stage of development and current interests.


We promote children’s learning and development by providing them with the opportunities to use their imaginations and to explore during playtime. We teach them about British Values such as what is right and wrong, respecting and accepting differences, respecting the people who help us in the community etc. 

We plan activities to support each individual child’s interests and our selection of toys, games and activities will assist your children in developing all their skills in a structured way.

We encourage independent play this means that children are given the opportunity to choose the activities they enjoy the most and toys/games are at easy reach.

It also means that we involve the children when planning activities and encourage them to initiate the activities, this is beacuse we believe that children learn better if they are doing something they enjoy.


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