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                                             What makes us unique 

At our nurseries all children have the opportunity to learn French...

We promote your child's home language through the day

We are a mixed age setting

We are open 5 days a week

We care for children from birth

We are flexible and we care...

We have a friendly and professional team



Our aim is to help children achieve their full potential, grow to be confident and happy, and to enable this, we celebrate children’s individualism and we make sure that we focus on the Seven Areas of Learning and Development:

The three Prime Areas:

  • Communication and Language,
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

The four Specific Areas:

  • Literature,
  • Mathematics,
  • Understanding of the World
  • Expressive Art and Design.

By covering them, we aim to the following outcomes:

  • Being healthy
  • Staying safe
  • Enjoying and achieving
  • Economic well-being
  • Making positive contributions

At Renaissance, we encourage children to:

  • Be independent,
  • Be confident and to develop their self-esteem,
  • Learning an additional language,
  • Take part in Outdoors activities/Natural play
  • Get involved in Group play

At Renaissance, we teach children:

  • The importance of friendship and honesty
  • About what is right and wrong
  • Good behaviour
  • Appropriate language
  • Accepting other people no matter their origin, age, race, gender, disability, medical status or cultural background.
  • We aim to teach them about the world around us and other cultures such as  African, European, Asian, Australian and American
  • About different professions and what make us a community.
  • The importance of good health and hygiene such as washing hands after play, before and after meals etc.
  • How to stay healthy by eating well balanced and nutritious food such as fruits and vegetables (fresh or dry)
  • The importance of physical activities



We offer children a vast variety of activities both indoor and outdoor.

We organise regular outings (depending on age) such as:

Visit to the park: Roundhay park, Golden Acre park

Visit to a museum/gallery/library: Royal Armouries, Art Gallery etc…

Trip to Leeds city centre or other cities / Swimming trips to the water world in York

Visit to the butterfly world in Sheffield, farm, zoo (flamingo land), tropical world (Leeds)

Visit to the Shopping centres, supermarkets/shops/markets,

Visit to garden centres / Visit to the cinema.

Ice skating (Bradford) / Visit to the Deep (Hull),


Would you like to learn more about what we offer?

Please contact us on 0113 345 32 32 or use our contact form.

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