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We believe in working together




We aim to work in good partnership with all parents/carers for the best interest of your children.

To ensure we develop a good and positive relationship with you, we make sure that information passed to parents, either verbally or in writing, is clear and accurate.

We inform parents and keep you up to date with your children’s progress.

We share ideas and concerns therefore your comments and suggestions are very important to us. We want to know what you think about how the nursery is run as we are always seeking ways to improve the quality of our service. 


We use the following ways to work with parents and to share information:

  • Parents evenings,
  • Parents notice board,
  • Parents volunteers,
  • Daily verbal/written reports,
  • Emails,
  • Letters,
  • SMS,
  • Telephone calls
  •  Facebook / Twetter
  • Website 

Our current initiatives


  • Working Group - Parents Stay and Play Visit

 Held weekly on our premises, the children's mums, dads, grand parents etc take part in different activities with their child. These activities include: story reading, the big talk, baking, gardening, art & craft such as helping make puppets etc., role play, singing, football etc.

  • Father and Child Days

Once a year, we holds a father and child day. Father can help and assist children with physical activities such as playing football.                   

  • Family Summer Party                                                                             

One day in the summer, we organises a family barbeque day or a bouncy castle day in our garden. The children's whole family is invited to attend and parents are asked to treat everyone with a homemade dish. 

  • "Inspire me"

Are you a Fireman, Police Officer, Cook, Doctor, Bus Driver etc. or maybe you are a hero in our local community. Please let us know as you can give a child the gift of inspiration by coming into our nursery and talking to the children about your career or experience.

  • "Parent Helper club" - Parent Volunteers                                                                                                   

Parents / carers who have spare time during the day can join our "Parent Helper" Club. Joining parents will have to commit to come in every week for a minimum of 2 hours per week to play with the children (parents will be in a different room than their child). Once a parent joins the club, they will be welcomed to come in any day and time. Parents who speak a different language will be encouraged to communicate with the children in their home language.

From now on, any parents wanting to join the club will have to undergo an Enhanced DBS Check as part of our commitment to Safeguard the Children in our care.


We look forward to welcoming new helpers.


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